Scare My Friends! - Scary Maze Game Prank With Video Record App Reviews

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SCARY SH*%!!!!

Even my cat jumped!!! :(

That was nice and all

It scared me and my friends but if you can lower down the volume of the scream please thank you

You idiot!!!!

You lied about the jumpscare on the 5th question. I HATE YOU YOU HURT ME AND MY COUSIN BEAR AND IM REPORTING YOU!!!!!!!!

Cool app

I scared soo many of my friends cool app


Its a cool app. I scared so many friends of mine! Get it its cool!


Scary and fun

Nice game

Rip headphone users


I pooped my pants


If you make it scarier it would be ok but it isnt

Cool but ..

I really love this game but one thing u can tell its recording from the top corner it has a red dot

Well..... Uh...... Just read my review.

So far its pretty bad. I tried it out on my dad, and he was like, "Uh, what the heck is this?" I almost got punished. So dont do it with adults. But thats just my FIRST time, so maybe it could be scary.


My brother farted on me 2 days ago so I needed revenge so I saw this app an here are the results 1.Starts the test 2.Starts to think this is revenge but I say no 3.he pees his pants lol


I was about to scare someone when all the sudden "scare your friends would like to assess the microphone" REALLY??

Really good, but one problem

Every time I go on the app it closes and wont let me go on

Good Prank

This app is good and I tried it on my brother and he got scared badly! But I couldnt review the recording! ;(

Great pranking app

I can scare my frends with this plus my iPod touch has an super armoured case so if its dropped it wont be damaged


its not even that scary and it doesnt record the reaction, or at least it doesnt keep it on my iPod

Scary maze game

Your game is awesome but I am a kid so Im having nightmares

Game girl

Its amazing and also

Scared the

I scared myself.....I forgot it was a prank. Went the face popped up I threw my iPod on my bed and flailed my arms and legs everywhere in the air. Im so stupid to fall for that.

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