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Scare My Friends! - Scary Maze Game Prank With Video Record

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Foto und Video Unterhaltung
Entwickler Arash Soleymani


We made this app due to hundreds of requests from previos game (ScaryCAM). We have made a new game with your requests..

* Free unlimited video-recordings!
* Even more Scary face
* Longer duration

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Scary prank app, that appears to be a idiot test game. The victim is being video-recorded without knowing ;)

Suddenly, the demon creature Excorist scares the victim. Humiliate your friends and family! You will have their scared-out moment captured on video forever..

Now go share the vids on facebook, twitter, youtube or by e-mail ;)

1. Turn up the volume and make sure vibrate-mode is off.
2. Start app. (without victim seeing the icon).
3. Bring the victim to a quiet area where he/she can focus.
4. Hand the app to the victim you wish to scare
4. Ask person if they can beat your score in the IQ test
5. While he/she is taking the test, they are secretly being video-recorded.
6. Suddenly ->> BUUHHHHHH
You got their scared moment captured on film forever ;)
- now share the video to everyone (eMail, Facebook, Twitter)

If you like scary movies, scary stories, scary maze game, scary games, funny pranks, halloween horror nights, horror movies and stuff like that,, your gonna love this app

its mixed with illusion and a scary games.

PLEASE: Do not show this to people under 15 or people with faint of heart.
also - most people WILL DROP THE PHONE - beware of this! Best if people are sitting down.
-- Authors of this application do not take responsibility of any results using this application.--